City View Hotel Roman Road Market – 1 star hotel in London

City View Hotel Roman Road Market – 1 star hotel in London

City View Hotel Roman Road Market is a budget-friendly hotel located in the heart of London. Situated near the famous Roman Road Market, this 1-star hotel offers affordable accommodation for travelers looking to explore the city on a budget.

Upon arrival, guests will notice the no-frills, simple decor of the hotel. The rooms are basic but clean, with comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms. While the rooms may not be luxurious, they provide everything needed for a comfortable stay in the city.

One of the highlights of staying at City View Hotel Roman Road Market is its convenient location. The hotel is situated just a short walk from the Roman Road Market, a vibrant and bustling market where visitors can find a variety of goods, from fresh produce to clothing and household items. Additionally, the hotel is close to several public transportation options, making it easy to explore other parts of the city.

The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi in public areas, making it easy for guests to stay connected during their stay. Additionally, there is a 24-hour reception staffed with friendly and helpful employees who are available to assist with any questions or concerns.

While City View Hotel Roman Road Market may not offer the amenities and services of a luxury hotel, it provides a clean and comfortable place to rest while exploring the city. For budget-conscious travelers looking for a convenient and affordable place to stay in London, this hotel is a great option.

Overall, City View Hotel Roman Road Market is a budget-friendly option for travelers looking to explore London without breaking the bank. With its convenient location, clean rooms, and friendly staff, this hotel provides a comfortable and affordable place to stay in the bustling city.

City View Hotel Roman Road Market information

Adress: 527 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 5EL, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 3022 5444
Rating: 2.6/5
Rated count: 215

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City View Hotel Roman Road Market review

Layla Ferrari
It was alright for the price. The room was a bit shady but i guess that’s what you can expect for £50 a night. It was a bit disgusting how dirty everything was though. Also the staff was nice at first but they kept staring at me very weirdly every time i walked by. The night before the check out i was told my check out is til 11:30 but i could stay til 12pm but at exactly 11:30 someone knocked at my door that i had to leave. I mean it’s okay but a little disrespectful if you tell me it’s okay to stay til 12.
The location is also not the best. It always took like an hour to get to the city which was a bit annoying but all in all alright.

The neighbourhood in general is a bit creepy. The room looks nothing like in the pictures on the website it’s darker and kinda shady. Also the door didn’t really shut sometimes you had to really pull it quite hard so it would shut completely. But that’s okay i guess.

There was a window but that only opened to a hallway so i never had fresh air in the room and no daylight. It was all a bit depressing. I will definitely not be going back there next time I visit London.

Dog Jackson
Really nice staff, super affordable rooms. Could do with slightly better cleaning but I would still recommend this place for anyone on a budget. The street outside is old school east London too which I really appreciated. Check out the jellied eels across the street and try to forget about that weird Japanese movie you saw as a teenager with the eels you know the one
Khalid Hameed Awan
It’s small hotel in Roman Street with cozy environment. Staff is good and cooperative. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is not provided there, have to dine out. A Turkish cafeteria opposite to hotel have good quality food. There’s nearby 1 minute walk a bus station to move easily on the otherwise can get a rent a car or Uber which is costly.
Harry Impett
Awful hotel my friend got stuck in the toilet as the door handle fell off inside. The receptionist was asleep on the sofa when we went to check out. No where near worth what we paid and it wasn’t allot
Ashley Sainsbury
5 stars all round. Look. Here’s the deal with this place. If you’re coming here on holiday and want a full hotel experience. Then yes, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you want a place to lay your head down for a very reasonable price with no expectations, then this is the one. I give this place 5 stars all round. Nice staff, good facilities, a place to crash. Don’t listen to the haters

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