The Wedgewood Hotel – 2 star hotel in London

The Wedgewood Hotel – 2 star hotel in London

The Wedgewood Hotel is a charming 2-star hotel located in the heart of London. With its convenient location and affordable rates, this hotel is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable place to stay in the city.

Upon arriving at the Wedgewood Hotel, guests are greeted by a friendly and welcoming staff who are dedicated to ensuring a pleasant stay for all visitors. The hotel’s reception area is cozy and inviting, with tasteful decor and a homely atmosphere.

The rooms at the Wedgewood Hotel are clean, comfortable, and well-appointed. Each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a relaxing stay, including a comfortable bed, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi access in all rooms, making it easy for guests to stay connected during their stay.

In addition to its comfortable rooms, the Wedgewood Hotel also offers a range of services and facilities to enhance guests’ stay. The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, where staff can assist guests with any questions or requests. The hotel also offers a daily breakfast service, providing guests with a delicious and hearty meal to start their day.

One of the highlights of the Wedgewood Hotel is its convenient location in London. The hotel is situated within walking distance of many of the city’s top attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament. In addition, the hotel is located near a number of public transportation options, making it easy for guests to explore the city and access other areas of London.

Overall, the Wedgewood Hotel is a great option for budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in London. With its friendly staff, clean rooms, and central location, this hotel offers great value for money and a pleasant experience for all guests.

The Wedgewood Hotel information

Adress: 49-51 Leinster Square, London W2 4PU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7229 8990
Rating: 2.9/5
Rated count: 767

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The Wedgewood Hotel review

lara joyce dayot
This is the worst Customer Service experience we ever had.
Staff- The Receptionist particularly the “Man “? was BULLY RACIST and very ARROGANT, he came to our room and yelled at us that we were loud, and utilizing their water continuously in the toilet, – We were speaking to him Calmly and Professionally but he kept yelling at us. SAYING THAT WE NEED TO GO OUT in 10 minutes but hey! yes, we needed to use your toilet thinking that we needed to freshen up after our entire long drive coming here. He even asked us to leave within 10 minutes saying that he would call the POLICE because we were “FAKE people” (thinking that we were staying illegally here in this country ) we felt so “Degraded “on what he had done to us. YES! We are FILIPINO but I will not allow you to DEGRADE US! Your service was disgusting.
The heater – was not working
Bed sheets were- itchy
And also you need to leave the key to the reception when your going outside!
We came here to spend our HOLIDAY and to De-Stressed due to our field of work as NURSES! But our mood was ruined because of this.
We booked for 3 nights but hey this will be our first and last!
Yes! You get what you paid for but that doesn’t mean that we will experience the most TRAUMATIC customer service.
Yul Schuhmacher
I was really scared by the bad reviews, but for me everything was actually really good! Yes, the rooms are small, but we only needed a place to spend the nights anyways. The room was clean, no roaches, mice or bedbugs and there was no visible mold in the sleeping room. There was some indication of mold in the shower, but not a lot, definitely not a worrying amount.

The location is absolutely amazing. You can barely hear other rooms from your own room, but you can hear everything in the hallway (and vice versa).

They came to clean the room daily and were respectful of our property. However, a “do not Clean” sign for the doorknob would be nice.

For the price it’s absolutely amazing and Id recommend it to anyone who just needs a warm and clean place to spend some nights in London.

Andra Pintilie
The hotel offers great value for its price. We travel as a young couple who need a clean, small space to sleep and a private bathroom. Wedgewood hotel offered everything that we hoped for. The staff were friendly. The small, very clean room was packed with everything that we hoped for: hair dryer, water boiler, tea, coffee, a small tv, wardrobe etc. The room was very warm and cozy. The only problem we had was with the very tiny shower. It had really small water pressure and it was impossible to balance the temperature. They offered us enough shampoo, toilet paper and soap. There was no toilet brush though. All in all, our stay was good and i recommend it as a budget option.
Bekka Lew
The twin room was large with two 3/4 double beds. The hotel is a bit of a mess there’s threadbare carpet the flooring in our room was broken. It just looks tatty but did the job for a one night stay. The sheets weren’t clean they had stains and we had to request new ones. You also have to leave your key in the hotel you’re not allowed to take it out of the hotel which I’ve never encountered before. It’s alright for one night but wouldn’t stay there for any longer than that. It was way too hot in the room the heating you can’t adjust it and you can’t open the windows either.
Pavel Raul-Mircea
Great location, very friendly staff and clean, warm rooms, that come with a private bathroom, television, water boiler with tea and coffee, hair dryer etc. The rooms are small, after all, it is not a luxurious hotel, but it is a great option if you don’t want to pay too much. Our stay here was great. The hotel is located in a friendly neighbourhood, which is really close to many restaurants, two subway stations and hyde park. 100% money’s worth

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